AGM Agenda

Please see below the agenda for the New Forest Liberal Democrats AGM on Thursday 10th December.

New Forest Liberal Democrats


You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on 10th December 2020.

To be held at 19:30pm via ZOOM Conference Calling:




  1. Welcome and to receive a report on the year’s activities from the Local Party Chair.
  2. Apologies for absence.
  3. To receive and approve the Minutes of the previous AGM (23rd January 2020).
  4. To consider and, if thought fit, approve the accounts of the Local Party for the financial year to 31 December 2019 together with an independent report on those accounts and to receive a report from the Treasurer.
  5. To appoint for the current financial year a person or persons to produce an independent report on the accounts for the next AGM (cannot be an Officer).
  6. To receive reports from conference representatives on the proceedings of the Federal and Regional conferences since the last AGM.
  7. To receive reports from principal Liberal Democrat council groups on which Local Party members serve, namely Hampshire County Council and New Forest District Council.
  8. Introduction to the HCC candidates for the May 2021 Elections.
  9. To consider any motion which has been submitted by any member of the Local Party in time for circulation with notice of the AGM.
  10. To consider urgent or important business that has arisen since notice of the AGM was given (two-thirds majority required to approve consideration).
  11. To elect officers and ordinary members of the Executive Committee.
  12. Introduction from Richard Murphy (Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate)
  13. GUEST SPEAKER (Mark Pack).
  14. Close of formal meeting.

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