News: Council backs Lib Dem Plan for Shared Housing Scheme

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Local Housing
Local Housing

New Forest District Council have backed the Lib Dem plan for a shared housing scheme for young people across the District.

The possibility of trialling the shared housing scheme was raised by Councillor Jack Davies, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Housing, in a question to the Portfolio Holder for Housing Services at the latest full meeting of New Forest District Council.

Jack asked: “Does the Portfolio Holder agree with me that a shared housing scheme for young people in the district should be trialled and would she be willing to work with me to set up a task and finish group to explore housing options for young people and local families exclusively?”

Local Housing Group
Local Housing Group

The Portfolio Holder replied: “Yes, I don’t see why not. Let’s explore every opportunity.”

Speaking after the meeting, Jack said: “I’m pleased that the portfolio holder has backed our plan for a shared housing scheme for young people in the New Forest.

“Such a scheme will help young people make the first step onto the housing ladder and make it easier for young people to save up to buy or rent their own place to call home.

“I’ll be working closely with council officers and the Portfolio Holder to ensure that the scheme works in the way we want it to and that it will not be killed off in a committee or left to die by the wayside.”

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