David Marshland

Candidate for:

Butts Ash Ward in the Parish of Hythe and Dibden Elected

David Marshland

Born Sunderland, Co Durham
Educated; Leeds University Law degree 1970-73

I first became involved in politics at Leeds University in the very early 1970’s where the University Liberal group worked in the West Leeds constituency for Michael Meadowcroft.

It was a time of multiple Liberal by-election successes and I took part in the Ripon and Chester-Le-Street campaigns.

I dropped out of activism when I started working full time in London.

I was spending a lot of time as a volunteer advisor at law centres.

I joined the LibDems following the 2016 election, in Fareham where I was then living, and worked in Portsmouth South during the 2017 election.

Post graduation I qualified as a journalist with a Harrogate, North Yorkshire, local newspaper group, but then qualified as a solicitor.

My Articles and post-qualification were with Brian Thompson Solicitors, half of what is now the largest Trades Union law firm, doing personal injury work for injured employees.

Subsequently I moved to Southampton to join Warner Goodman and Streat, again doing personal injury work for injured employees, and bought my first house in Marchwood during the Falklands war.

Career moves led me to London, Bristol and eventually Chichester where I started the employment law consultancy at Mercer, the largest UK employee benefits company.

While at Mercer’s I was heavily involved in advising on pension equality issues arising from the Barber case and was responsible for drafting a research paper for the EU Commission on existing EU-wide national provisions for benefits for part-time and other non-standard workers which eventually resulted in an EU Directive extending pension and other benefits to cover them.

As I approached my 50th year I decided on a change of direction and trained as an English as a Foreign Language teacher.

Subsequently I moved to Spain in 2002 and only returned in 2014 due to ill health in the family.

In June 2017, I was successful in buying a home in Butts Ash.

I did look to see if my original first house in Marchwood, was for sale, but it wasn’t and would have been well beyond my current means anyway!

Apart from current affairs and politics, I am a fan of classic cars and hope to get my own back on the road soon after a 15+ year delay, caused by an inaccessible bolt and also to get my boat back in the water, this time after an 18 year interruption and fairly extensive repairs over the past year.

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