The Cost of Living Crisis

When times are tough, we expect our government to lend a hand. But the Conservatives have made all our lives more expensive and the people of the New Forest will be left paying the price for years to come.

couple look at bills

Mortgage payments have rocketed, taxes are rising and energy bills are spiralling - and the Government doesn't seem to have a plan to help.

Caroline is working hard to support those most in need here in Totton, the Waterside and the east of the New Forest.

She has helped lead the campaign to tackle the long-term causes of poverty and deprivation in the New Forest, which resulted in New Forest District Council setting up a Cost of Living Working Group and agreeing to write a Poverty Action Plan.

But none of this should be neccessary. It is a stain on the record of this Conservative Government that they have allowed life to become this tough for so many people. Things have to change.

New Forest East needs an MP who understands how tough things are and will fight to get the support local people urgently need.

Caroline will:

  • Campaign for women born in the 1950s to finally be treated fairly, by properly compensating them in line with the recommendations of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
  • Support the Lib Dem campaign to bring down energy bills and help to end fuel poverty by insulating existing homes, ensuring all new homes are warm and cheap to heat, and introducing a social tariff for the most vulnerable (paid for by a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas profits)
  • Fight to repair the broken safety net by reversing the Conservatives’ ÂŁ20-a-week cut to Universal Credit, raising legacy benefits, and replacing the sanctions regime with an incentive-based scheme to help people into work.