Lib Dems challenge Government’s “power grab” planning proposals

In a policy motion adopted today at the Liberal Democrats’ Autumn Conference, the Party has warned that the Government’s planning proposals will “disempower” councils and allow developers to “run roughshod” over local communities’ wishes.

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Lib Dems secure cross-party support to tackle school air pollution

The Liberal Democrats motion to Hampshire County Council tackling air pollution outside schools has been successful.

The Motion was proposed by Jackie Porter, a Lib Dem Councillor from Winchester. The motion was seconded by New Forest member, Malcolm Wade, and is as follows:

This Council resolves to:

1. Work with districts, schools and local partners to swiftly identify those schools in the county that could put a “school streets” scheme in place.

2. Work with districts, schools and local partners to enable all schools that wish to take part in the “school streets” scheme to do so – taking advantage of experimental traffic orders and new statutory guidance over fast-tracked Traffic Regulation Orders where necessary.

3. Measure air quality around a sample of schools in all six districts at child-head height to identify the level of air pollution children are being exposed to at school drop-off and pick-up.

4. Pilot additional measures to improve air quality near schools in 2020/21, such as ‘living green walls’ and tree planting.”

I know that there are a number of schools in the local area that will benefit from a focus on this, so I am very pleased to see Lib Dem Councillors lead on this with such success.

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